Join us for Marcy's Project Ribbon Cutting and Open House on November 15th at 4pm! 

Marcy's Project serves St. Charles County through Charity Action Projects. Learn more at our Open House about our four core projects Marcy Kids, Market, Meals and Milestones!
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Santa will be at our event representing "Marcy Kids" and collecting toys for our upcoming Holiday Market. We are serving 200 St. Charles County kids in need. Bring a gift off our Wish/Need list and get a photo with Santa! All donor photos will be displayed on our "2022 Caring Tree" through the month of December.

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“We provide aid to those in crisis or emergency situations in the St. Charles County area.”



Marcy’s Project began in the fall of 2019 when we met Marcy, an 80-year-old woman caring for

a family in O’Fallon, MO. She was about to move to Texas, so we volunteered to take over

helping this family. When we asked what they needed a few things stuck out.

First, she said not to “judge.” What is someone else’s “norm” may not be our own. Second, she

said, “I bet you have a lot of friends and connections that could help!” This is true. We are

surrounded by passionate, talented, and giving people. Many of which want to help, but do not

know how.

This family taught us so many things about “need.” They made us think, “how many others are

out there that need help?” Then COVID-19 hit.  We reached out to local nursing homes and school

districts to see how we could help. The response was overwhelming. What we were able

to contribute is listed on the “Kind Acts” tab of our website. This led to tapping into a

“Pay It Forward” site where we started posting ways that we could help such as meals, clothes,

food, etc.  Again, we received an overwhelming response.

Because of Marcy’s kindness, Marcy’s Project is a reality! We are an official 501c3 non-profit.  We raise

money through donations, fundraising, and selling items on Facebook Marketplace and Resale. 

Helping one family led to us helping others.

This inspired the main goal of Marcy’s Project: to help those who need it, one kind act at a time!

A kind act might be small, a ride for a neighbor to an appointment, cutting an elderly neighbor’s grass,

taking care of their trash. A kind act might be big, pet care, donating time; materials for a needed project,

or providing family meals. A kind act might be as simple as pointing someone in the right direction to best

fit their needs such as their church, local municipality, or a contact you know that could help.

We can all make a difference… One Kind Act at a Time!